Classic range

Bocoton Classic,
a full range of beauty care and hygiene products made of cotton

Cotton pads : cotton in all its forms!


  • Round, maxi-oval, square…
  • Soft
  • Duo face for multiples uses


Cotton care baby pads :
cotton care baby are specially designed for baby care. Its format is easy to use for face and body.

Cotton buds :
classic cotton buds are suitable for cleaning ears.

Cotton baby buds :
with safety tips, cotton baby buds are ideal for baby care.

Breast pads :
with a cotton voile, nursing pads Bocoton are extra-soft and very absorbent and made of 100% natural cotton.

Cotton wool :
available in 100, 200 and 500 g precut or not, our cotton wool is completely hypoallergenic.

Cotton balls :
ultra soft and available in 4 colors.

Made in France.

beauty care superior to any soft price !

For all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, the products of Beauty Amarel range offer more comfort for a better fit.

  • Soft
  • An absolute comfort
  • Do not get fluffy

100% hypoallergenic cotton
Made in France.

the easy and effective solution to cure the irritation of the baby’s skin

Redness, irritation, diaper rash? Simply use Cotocouche !

Insert layer made of 100% cotton, 100% natural and 100% organic which is a real barrier between the diaper and the baby’s skin

Cotocouche soothes irritation and helps the disappearance of redness. Baby’s skin breathes freely soft and the contact is soft and pleasant